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Imperial Life Science

We are a supplier of the highest quality products, which undergo a number of tests before being released to the market. Our goal is to provide substances that meet international standards.

Substances in the form of lyophilisate are resistant to external factors such as temperature and light. Thanks to this, their transport and storage does not require additional protection.

We add water to each product, thanks to which the resulting product is immediately ready for use. The liquid is sealed in a sterile vacuum chamber because we do not allow the growth of bacteria that could destroy the compound after dissolution.

Customer references

Products delivered the next day. Very well protected during transport. Contact with the store is uninterrupted. They inform about every stage of the order. I recommend Imperial Life Science.



It is very convenient that the products are supplied with water. I didn't have to order additional solvent. An additional advantage of this solution is the precisely measured volume.



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